Yasmeen said is a Maria Citizen Tv drama series actress. Maria is A very secretive person and she has kept most of her personal life a secret unlike other socialites. Only a little detail of her personal lifestyle are known by the public, still Maria has kept her dating life personal not displaying, or about herself to the public.
Maria was in one of her numerous brand endorsements when she was courted by a popular brand influencer who goes by the name Osama Otero.Osama Otero wanted to epress his feeling to the actress Maria, but unfortunately Maria put down the popular brand influencer before he could even express his feelings on her.
There is not yet any clear indication and information on how the brand influencer Otero Osama had approached Maria.Otero is the one who posted Marias response to him on his twitter page. As per what Maria said about Otero she told him that it is not possible for her to give him a chance to her life and they become lovers through dating, simply because the influencer Otero was always om his phone, with this it is a clear indication that Maria does not think that Otero can give her enough attention, because he concentrates more on his phone.
Maria courageously told Osama Otero that she can’t not date him because of the reason that he is always on his phone fulltime, that is when the influencer Otero went ahead and cut the video from that point for it was impossible for him to stand her and hear other reasons from her why she rejected her.
On Otero’s tweet so many Kenyans felt for him how it feels being rejected on live camera and they consoled him as they tried to ask for Yasmeen’s number from him so that they can still try their luck to win her.

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