Ali Mahdi Muhammed was a former president of Somalia, he served Somalia from 26th January 1991 to 3rd January 1997.His appointment as the president was bitterly opposed by the General Mohamed Farah who was one of the members of the United Somali Congress that time. Ali Mahdi Muhammed was succeeded by Abdiqasm Salad in the year 2000 after he lost the re-election.
Ali Mahdi was born in the year 1939 in Johwar Town in Somalia and he began his career as a businessman before he ventured into politics that is what worked as a businessman to earn a living.Ali is seen to have joined politics in the year 1968 when he vied for a parliamentary position in his country.
Today on 11th march 2021 the death of Ali Mahdi in Nairobi has been announced. He died at the age of 82years old after being reported for contradicting the deadly disease of Covid 19 at his old age. The death of Ali Mahdi was confirmed by the ex-Somali President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed in a tweet he fed on his tweeter page on Thursday march 10th 2021 in the evening.
After Siad Barre was overthrown by the rebellious forces in Mogadishu, Ali Mahdi was the one who took over him as the forth Somalia Head of the State after he was elected by the United Somali Congress in January 1991, where he ruled the Somalia Nation as their President those days. Despite his election opposition by General Mohamed Farah, Ali still ruled as the president of Somalia.
Ali Mahdi served as a president during the civil war period and it was a big challenge for him to govern the entire Somali country as he battled for power with other faction leaders in the Southern regions and still with some of the subnational entities in the North. This was really a big battle and a challenge for him but he had to fight hard to overcome it.
The 82 year has been mourned by his fellow countrymen and East Africans in the social media. Some individuals reacted to his death and send some condolence messages to his family.

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