Political betrayal is a prevalent issue that is evident in most countries. Kenya is one of the countries affected. In Kenya the betrayal has existed from independence and it often manifests itself when politicians betray their fellow politicians, when politicians dupe and betray their subjects and it can occur when politicians get played by their subjects.

The recurrent sequence of betrayal in the leadership sphere has greatly hampered progressive development as it often leads to chaos and conflict and in some case like 2007 post elections it led to vandalism and loss of lives.

At the onset of independence many Kenyans were hopeful that life was going to get better for they had finally expunged the oppressive colonialists. Their hopes were however cut when Kenyatta then the president fell out with Jaramogi Odinga in a twist of events that led to friction in the government.

At the time Kenya got its independence Jomo kenyatta was in prison after being convicted for sabotaging the British leadership. Odinga who was at frontline with Kenyatta refused to ascend to power and demanded for the immediate release of jomo Kenyatta. Odinga led a faction that pushed the British to release kenyatta from prison and upon his release Kenyatta was given the presidency which ideally would have been taken by Jaramogi.

Odinga was later on persecuted by the kenyatta Regime for having contrary opinions.

In the current leadership system we have seen glaring betrayals that threaten to destroy peace within our country with the most recent being the Jubilee party fall out that has led to Dp Ruto devising UDA party for safe landing should he be expunged from Jubilee.

It is also rumoured that The deep state is consistently pumping resources to the coastal leadership that comprise of joho and kingi to destabilise Raila Odinga’s support base.

We have also witnessed in the recent past the unjustified ouster of Nairobi governor mike Sonko and his counterpart Waititu for failing to dine with the system. The two were very staunch supporters of president Uhuru and this can only be described best as overt betrayal.

As we near the 2022 general election alot is expected to happened including change of political formation, change of camps and so on. The hyped handshake and BBI also appears to be a betrayal syndicate in the offing.

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