ODM leader Raila Odinga was taken to the Nairobi Hospital on Tuesday because he was ailing. Reports say that Raila complained that he suffered fatigue and tiredness.

This comes after the five day tour at the costal region where he held rallies and meetings. It’s said that he toured the costal counties during the last week.

Raila’s health had become a topic last year when he flew abroad to Dubai to receive treatments where he got admitted for a two weeks. His family said that he received a back surgery.

After the costal tour, Raila was scheduled to attend a meeting on Sunday at Kamkunji Grounds in Kibra on Sunday but he didn’t due to his health.

Despite all these health problems, Honorable Oburu Oginga, who is a brother to Raila Odinga has finally reacted to the re admission of the former Prime Minister of Kenya to The Nairobi Hospital. His reaction has got many Kenyans talking unbelievably for the reaction.

From the report of news reporters, Oburu Oginga claimed that there was nothing wrong with Raila for the admission is just an ordinary check up in the hospital like any other person could have when he/she is unwell.

He added that Raila’s admission should not cause any alarm for sickness is just an ordinary thing. He said that Raila was only facing fatigue and some joint pains.

Contrary to his statement, Raila had been rushed back to the hospital just hours before Oburu said this statement. His personal secretary said that his health worsened again after his release from the Nairobi Hospital and they were forced to rush him back to the hospital.

Oburu’s remarks have caused many mixed reactions for Kenyans seem confused why his brother does not show him sympathy by saying that sickness is just an ordinary thing.

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