Manchester United to Use Van De Beek on a Swap Deal With Dortmund Manchester United midfielder Donn

y Van De Beek has been struggling at the club since he landed Old Trafford. Van De Beek has been facing tough challenges on getting a chance to the pitch and great midfielders like Paul Pogba and Bruno are in good form and Ole Gunnar has made them his first choice. reports are now saying, Donny could be used in an exchange transfer with Dortmund at the end of this summer. Dortmund is open to the midfielder who is now below the Portugal star Bruno Fernandez pecking order of Ole Gunnar. Van de Beek was signed from Ajax Amsterdam back in the summer transfer window after Manchester United was withheld the Aston Villa star Jack Grealish who was Ole’s first target. But since has been facing a hard time, Manchester United is now ready to use him in an exchange deal with Dortmund. Furthermore, Manchester United is now looking for other good players to sharpen its squad. Erling haland is one of Ole Gunnar’s target players in the next transfer window. Manchester is also at risk of losing some players like Edison Cavani who has been linked with a move to Boca Juniors. This is after the spread of his father’s comments that he is not happy in the premier league. Last summer Manchester United failed to sign Jodan Sancho from Dortmund but are still interested in having him to their squad early in the next season although Dortmund is pricing out. United is also appreciated with Akinji’s performance and is also fighting to have him.Meanwhile, there have been several hits out from United stars to Van De week’s performance. Former Manchester United stars contributed on Van de beek’s performance in the quarter-final with Leicester City and said that Van de beek looked lost on the ground. Ole Gunnar is not disparate to get rid of Van De Beek easily but there is an impression behind the scenes that, Van De Beek moving from Manchester United could change his performance. And Dortmund would be very happy with this exchange deal involving the Dutchman who is rated 40 million euros.Ultimately, Van De Beek is a very good player if is given a chance to play several games. Most England coaches spend a lot of money in acquiring players but they fail to give them regular chances to play on the ground. Ole Gunnar could give Van de beek more chances like what he is doing to other players but not move him to Dortmund. Manchester United is one of the teams that have good and experienced players and when they keep on searching for others this will make other players lose chances to play. Too much of something is poison thus too many good players will end up creat beef and the team will fail to perform well. Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar and his board should check the problem and try to come up with a good style of winning trophies but looking for other best players won’t help the team.

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