Eric Omondi who is a socialite turned a year older on 9th march 2021 but unfortunately he did not celebrate his birthday the same day he postponed it till 10th march 2021 which was yesterday. He hosted his birthday party yesterday at blend Nairobi. The birthday party was to be attended by all the wife material contestants where the fans would come to greet them and meet them at the same time. The birthday part was to kick off from 5pm to 10pm.
Eric Omondi shared a video clip of his birthday party on his Instagram page in the social media, and from what the video clip displayed it is a clear indication that the birthday party did not seem to have ended up well. The wife material contestants started fighting each for Eric Omondi as each of the protested to be the best, that is when the police had to come in and stop the fight and ensure a conducive e environment for the other attendants.
The birthday of Eric Omondi turned out be full chaos and this really shocked many Kenyans for nobody expected it would end this way. Eric Omondi added that according to his view from what he has learned from the wife materials he claimed that the wife Material Season two will be unscripted to avoid chaos. For sure Kenyans were shocked that the wife materials seriously involved in fight and could have harmed each other, fighting for Eric Omondi if the police could not have come in.
Later on Eric Omondi showed that wife material season two is a continuation of the wife material contest which ended last year after Carol of Band Beca came out as the winner of the show. That is why Eric Omondi claimed that wife material season two will be unscripted.

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