Use Education facilities more efficiently. schools and the higher education institutions the universities should open facilities to the community for they are looking for commonality and congruency hence the combination of those resources can make them go far.
Develop standardized buildings in schools. The population number of students in schools in rising Yearly and the demand for good school places is much soaring hence the government and the community should know the ways in which the school buildings will be built more standard for comfortability of the learners and to be able to accommodate the large student numbers yearly.
Forger stronger links with the Education industry. Engaging with corporate interest, institutions can secure new opportunities and funding’s for their students. Organizations can collaborate with universities and direct fund their experiments by creating new post and research projects and sufficient teaching environment for the Universities allow them to attain a better experience in graduates. There will be a blur between the academic interest and corporate lines as we will see new alliances and perhaps expansion of the corporate universities which have been established to ensure supply of graduates who are talented in various ways.
Use Private-Public partnerships(PPP). In the private-public partnerships a private institution or company builds an education facility and rents it back to the government for an agreed period and for a certain cost. These partnerships are seen to be more innovative ways of providing education and improving education systems more efficiently. These partnerships are more context-specific hence are highly preferred.
Ask students to pay more the global higher education practice it is a significant trend from free to fee paying models as the government seeks alternatives for public funding and arguing that those who benefit most from education are the individuals themselves hence they should bear the educational quotes.

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